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Surprise Engagement: Rapper Kid Cudi Set to Tie the Knot... With a Twist! (See Ring Pics)

Rapper/actor Kid Cudi shared on April 17 that he and a lady named Lola Abecassis Sartore were locked in. LONDON, Britain – APRIL 16: Lola Abecassis and Kid Cudi go to afterparty for the worldwide debut of Foremost+ arrangement...

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Beyoncé's Hunky Bodyguard Julius Spotted at Beverly Hills Event

Julius de Boer has been Beyonce's bodyguard for the past decade. Media Take Out affirmed that he gets paid near to seven figures a year, to keep Beyonce and Jay Z secure. BEL Discuss, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 16: Julius de Boer postures as...

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Usher's Controversial Love Letter Sparks Outrage: Criticized for 'Fake' Affection Towards Black Women

R&B artist Usher went on social media to share his “love letter to Dark women,” propelled in conjunction with Pith. BEVERLY Slopes, CALIFORNIA – Walk 12: Elite Get to, Uncommon RATES APPLY. Jennifer Goicoechea and Usher go...

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Jaden Smith Spotted in Intimate Moment with Justin Bieber: Caught Grinding and Kissing

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith may be tingling closer to coming out – as a conceivable couple. The two men, who have known each other since childhood, have been getting closer and closer as of late. Unused YORK, NY – JULY 19: Jaden...

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days of our lives
DAYS Spoilers 4/08/24: Will Tate & Holly's Romeo & Juliet?

Telling young people to remain absent from each other could be a squander of breath. Brady and Theresa were both vexed teenagers once. They ought to know that telling Tate to remain absent from...

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