Veteran Hong Kong actor Tony Leung handed by means of the Tokyo Movie Competition this afternoon, the place he led a masterclass session following a screening of 2046, his sixth collaboration with filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai.

Leung’s look onstage was transient however dense, with the actor largely digging into the early inception of his profession and the way he first connected with Wong Kar-Wai, with whom he has since made seven characteristic movies.

“When I first met Wong Kar-wai, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do because my acting wasn’t getting any better,” Leung instructed the packed viewers inside Tokyo’s Hulic Corridor.

Leung mentioned on the time, he was working with Wong Kar-Wai on the 1990 characteristic Days of Being Wild, however he was struggling to land his character.

“I was working with Maggie Cheung. And Wong Kar-Wai was watching my acting and knew what wasn’t great about it,” Leung mentioned. “Maggie could finish a scene in 2-3 takes while I had tens of retakes. I thought maybe I wasn’t good at acting, but Wong Kar-Wai told me I had a lot of technique to my acting that I didn’t need. So he told me to disassemble the things I knew.”

Leung mentioned that when he noticed the ultimate lower of Days of Being Wild, he might, for the primary time, see his full potential as an actor.

“Wong Kar-Wai is an amazing director. He can draw out things in actors, so I decided I wanted to work with this director, and now it’s been 20 years.”

Leung described Wong Kar-Wai’s working model as “unique,” explaining that the director usually conceals his complete screenplays from his performers.

“Wong Kar-Wai does have a script, but he doesn’t show it to us,” Leung mentioned. “All the actors are aware of the story and understand their characters, and Wong Kar-Wai gives very clear directions about what to prepare, but we don’t get any direction on how the story is going to unfold.”

Leung added that Wong Kar-Wai’s unusual method of organising his initiatives all the time made capturing really feel like an “adventure” into the unknown.

 “He wants to create a lot of leeway on the set. He gets to the set and sees each person and the cameras, and he might make a change based on the circumstances. That’s why he wants that leeway,” Leung mentioned. “When we get too much information as actors we start to prepare, and Wong Kar-Wai doesn’t want that to happen.”

Throughout his decades-long profession, Leung has starred in over 100 options working throughout Asia and, extra lately, the US. When requested what he was considering of tackling subsequent, he responded: “Next year, in Germany, I am taking part in a European film. I have been preparing for eight months. I need to read a lot of books and do a lot of research, so I’m looking forward to that film.”

The Tokyo Movie Competition runs till November 1.