Tony Leung Chiu-wai has starred in three motion pictures which have scooped the highest prize Golden Lion on the Venice Movie Pageant, and in the present day he’s receiving his very personal Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

The 61-year-old Hong Kong actor and singer is one among Asia’s most profitable and internationally acknowledged stars. Amongst his main international credit are Wong Kar-wai’s 2000 romantic drama Within the Temper for Love, for which he received the Finest Actor prize in Cannes. His different collaborations with Wong embrace Chungking SpecificBlissful Collectively and The Grandmaster.

Leung additionally starred within the Academy Award-nominated movie Hero by Zhang Yimou, and the field workplace hits Laborious Boiled by John Woo and Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. The latter trilogy shaped the idea for Martin Scorsese’s Oscar profitable The Departed.

Speaking with the press in the present day, Leung beamed of the Lifetime Achievement Lion, “Finally I can have it for myself, I don’t have to share it with anybody.” (The three Golden Lion winners he has starred in are Hsiao-Hsien Hou’s A Metropolis of Unhappiness, Tran Anh-hung’s Cyclo and Ang Lee’s Lust, Warning).

The lauded actor seemed again at his early days and stated performing helped open him up as he “found a way to express myself in front of other people without being shy because they don’t know it’s me, they think I’m playing a character.”

He’s an enormous fan of preparation and stated he plans to spend eight months preparing for Idilko Enyedi’s Silent Buddy, through which he’s enjoying a neuroscientist. “I have no idea what neuroscience is… I’ve been doing a lot of university-hopping,” he laughed. This can be Leung’s first European film.

Requested about his collaborations with Wong Kar-wai, Leung famous, “It’s so different. We never have a complete script, so I don’t know what to prepare before shooting. I only get the script that day – it’s very experimental.”

Generally, he defined, one scene can be executed eight occasions in varied costumes and settings, “It’s the reason why Wong Kar-wai films take a few years sometimes… But wow, that costs a lot of money.”

Has he seen final yr’s Oscar winner The whole lot All over the place All At As soon as, and what did he consider the tribute scene to Within the Temper for Love? “I saw it on a flight, I don’t remember to where. It was interesting, kind of like a tribute to some 80s and 90s movies. It was a very interesting movie, a very special movie.” He didn’t reply concerning the tribute query, simply form of shrugged his shoulders.

General, Leung stated he’s by no means adopted a selected profession path and fairly lets his emotions information him relating to selecting tasks. “I never plan in my acting career what I want to do next, because I think fate brings people together. When something happens, it happens. I never calculate whether I want to do films or not … I use my heart.”

His coronary heart just lately landed on Felix Chong’s As soon as Upon a Time in Hong Kong (aka Goldfinger) an 80s-set motion crime drama based mostly on actual occasions that releases regionally on December 30. Leung known as it a form of American Hustle meets The Wolf of Wall Avenue.

Within the film, Leung will “finally” have the possibility to play a villain. What’s extra, he’s doing it reverse Infernal Affairs’ Andy Lau.  “It’s very challenging to me to play the bad guy, and this time Andy is playing the good guy. Twenty years after Infernal Affairs, we change positions.”