NEW DELHI: Legendary rock band The Beatles is ready to launch its ‘new’ file after nearly 54 years, on November 2. Former band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr introduced the discharge of “Now and Then,” a track initially written and sung by John Lennon. This mission, developed with the help of synthetic intelligence marks the completion of decade-old Beatles recording.
In line with a report in Gulf Information, the monitor sometimes called “the last Beatles song’ will be released on November at 1300 GMT by Apple Corps, Capitol and Universal Music Enterprises.A music video will follow the next day, and a 12-minute documentary by filmmaker Oliver Murray, known for his 2022 biopic mini-series on The Rolling Stones, will premiere on YouTube, featuring commentary from McCartney and Starr.
The song “Now and Then” was recorded by John Lennon at his home in New York’s Dakota Building in 1970s. With the assistance of Peter Jackson, known for his work on “The Beatles: Get Again” documentary series, AI was employed to separate Lennon’s voice from the piano chords.
Paul McCartney described the whole process of making this song as emotional yet resulting in a genuine Beatles recording.
The song was finally completed by McCartney and Starr last year, incorporating George Harrison’s guitar recordings from 1995. The recording took place at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, where Starr’s drum part, along with bass, piano, a slide guitar solo by McCartney inspired by Harrison, and additional backing vocals were added, Gulf News reported.
According to Gulf News, this release is particularly significant as it offers a unique opportunity to hear the Beatles working together again, long after their split in 1970. Lennon’s tragic death in 1980 and Harrison’s passing in 2001 marked the end of the group’s era.
“Now And Then” was part of a cassette Lennon had recorded for McCartney a year before his death and was given to McCartney by Yoko Ono in 1994. While efforts were made to release it previously, background noise on the demo thwarted those attempts.
The application of AI has now made this release possible, though the use of AI in music remains a subject of industry-wide debate, with varying opinions on its impact.
Sean Ono Lennon, John and Yoko’s son, expressed his emotional connection to this project, describing it as “extremely touching” to hear the former Beatles collaborating again, creating what is essentially the last song the group made together. “Now And Then” will be released as a double A-side, alongside the band’s 1962 debut single “Love Me Do,” that includes cowl artwork by US artist Ed Ruscha.