Netflix chief content material officer Bela Bajaria struck an upbeat tone about Hollywood’s labor scenario Thursday, saying the difficulties of latest months would ultimately give solution to the satisfaction of constructing stuff once more.

Because it was when she “lived through” the 2007-2008 WGA strike, there’s a rush when peace is asserted, Bajaria stated. Whereas there was no phrase of a deal as of Thursday night, even the prospect of it was tantalizing, she steered.

“There are so many amazing things that are stalled, and that haven’t come out yet. They’re cutting or they’re in post,” the exec stated throughout a panel on the Quick Firm Innovation Competition in New York. “The part that I’m excited about is, once you start with a green light and you’re in production, and then it pauses, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so excited to get this name, and people will see it.’ ”

As with the earlier strike, she added, “The thing that holds true is that when there’s incredible momentum and creativity and excitement to get back and create and make all these things.”

Earlier within the panel, she emphasised, “This is not the outcome that we wanted as a company. None of the companies in the AMPTP wanted this outcome. It has been a really great hardship on everyone, when you think about how many people a strike touches. It has been really difficult, and right now our focus to really find a solution and get everybody back to work as fast as possible.”

Eric Newman, principal and producer at Grand Electrical, the manufacturing outfit behind Netflix’s Painkillers, joined Bajaria on the panel. He stated it was “challenging” to deliver the present to the streaming service at a time of such intense labor angst. “We all need each other,” he stated. Amid encouraging indicators within the WGA negotiations this week, he stated he has elevated hopes for “getting past the rhetoric” and returning “to doing what we do together.” The leisure enterprise, he added, is an “independent marriage of art and commerce.”

So far as predicting outcomes, he demurred, “Everything I’ve speculated about over the past 130 days has been so wrong.”

One takeaway from 2007-08 was debatable. Partly on account of that shutdown, there was a surge of unscripted programming, which Newman known as a “loss” for the business. “Reality TV is great,” he stated. “I don’t watch it, but I think it’s a great concept.” At that time, cross-talk ensued after which Bajaria, architect of Love is Blind and numerous different unscripted smashes throughout her run at Netflix, stated, “I’m going to jump in here,” and the dialogue continued.