Scarlett Johansson is a proud mother of two. The “Asteroid City” star shares daughter Rose Dorothy along with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac and child Cosmo with husband Colin Jost. In reality, Cosmo was born simply months earlier than she began engaged on “Asteroid City,” and she or he revealed in June that Cosmo was highly regarded along with her costars on set.

“People were excited to see the baby, not me. They’re like, ‘Oh, it’s you. Where’s baby?'” she spilled to Individuals in an article printed June 15.

“My husband and baby [came to set] because we had just had a little baby,” she defined. Cosmo was born in August 2021, and the movie went into manufacturing that fall. “Some people had partners that came up. Most people were alone, I think. A lot of people had children too, but maybe a little bit older.” She added that Cosmo was mainly the “set baby.”

Again in 2022, the Marvel star opened up in regards to the inspiration behind her children’ names. Throughout a dialogue about her children on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson remarked, “I love that they’re both flowers.”

“They are both flowers,” Johansson confirmed. “Not a lot of people make that connection. Cosmo is a really sweet little flower that comes in different shades of orange and yellow. That’s why my daughter liked it too.”

Johansson additionally opened up about why she stored her pregnancies largely a secret in a March 2022 interview with Self-importance Honest, explaining that she did not wish to “to feel scrutinized in the public eye.” “I wanted to be able to have my own feelings about my changing body without other people also telling me how they saw me, whether it was positive or negative,” she defined. She added that individuals put rather a lot on pregnant girls, “And while I was definitely excited to be pregnant in some ways, I also had a lot of not-great feelings about it, and that would be scrutinized by — I’m talking about, like, women that were close to me.” She additionally added that there is “a lot” on her plate, however she’s “pretty good at delegating” to ensure each a part of her life will get the eye and care it deserves.

Although she does discuss being a mother in interviews, Johansson may be very protecting of her children’ privateness and has not shared public images of them. Learn extra about Johansson’s two children forward.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Born on Aug. 30 2014, Rose Dorothy Dauriac is Johansson’s first baby, whom she shares along with her ex-husband, French journalist Romain Dauriac. “If you ask her what I do for a living, she says Mommy is a superhero,” “The Avengers” actor informed Ellen DeGeneres in 2018. Whereas Johansson could also be preventing the dangerous guys at work, Rose prefers princess attire over superhero capes. “She’s a very sweet girl,” Johansson stated. “She’s very, very, very, girly. Like painfully girl,” the mother joked to the daytime talkshow host.

In March 2020, the “Marriage Story” star informed Individuals she is dedicated to instructing her daughter about why it is necessary to look after the atmosphere, particularly meals waste. “I think reminding her of how other people live and how her actions impact others is where to begin.” Johansson additionally revealed on the time that Rose can be serving as her flower lady in her marriage ceremony to Colin, which was celebrated in October 2020.

Cosmo Jost

Johansson and Colin welcomed their first baby collectively, Cosmo, in the summertime of 2021. Though we’re undecided of the precise date, Scarlett’s being pregnant was confirmed by Colin on Aug. 15, and Colin confirmed his arrival on Aug. 19. “Ok ok we had a baby,” Colin wrote in a textual content put up on Instagram to announce his son’s start. “His name is Cosmo We love him very much.”

Colin opened up in regards to the fears he has as a mother or father throughout a September 2022 interview on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” “I think when you have a decent imagination, it’s worse,” he defined. “You don’t have rational fears, you have creative fears.”

He added that he and Johansson have not been large on baby-proofing issues, explaining, “Every electrical outlet is wide open, and some of them are the old ones, where they have baby-finger sized holes.” As an alternative, he stated, “My number one fear for what could happen to him — eagles.” Particularly, he stated, he is anxious a hungry chicken will swoop down and assault the child. “We go for walks and I’m scanning the horizon. I’m on eagle watch,” he defined. “And then we go for a walk, and she’s got Cosmo in the stroller, and Scarlett puts a little hat on his head that has mouse ears on the hat. And I’m like, ‘You’re dressing our baby like food.'”

Again in April, Johansson mirrored on how she feels having a child is rather a lot simpler than having a toddler. When her daughter was a toddler, she informed the “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast,” Rose had “constant mood swings.” However of Cosmo, she stated, “Having a baby is so lovely. They’re so cute. They sit there and they love you and then that’s it. And you just get, like, love from them, whereas you get a lot of grief from toddlers.”