Meri Brown sits down with Kody Brown and Robyn Brown to disclose her plans to downsize in Flagstaff and transfer her clothes enterprise as much as her B&B in Utah. Within the October 8 episode of Sister Wives, Meri, 52, stresses that this doesn’t imply she’s “leaving the family or you [Kody]. It really is purely just a business thing.”

In the meantime, Kody, 54, may care much less what Meri does along with her time. “It actually has no effect on me,” says. “In my head, I’m really wondering why she lives in Flagstaff.”

Kody Brown
Kody Brown and his wives in happier instances. (Arlene Richie/Shutterstock)

Meri admits she doesn’t wish to reside in Parowan, Utah, the place her mattress and breakfast is situated. She desires to be close to Kody. “I don’t want you to think that I’m walking away because, sorry, I still have hope,” Meri tells him, and Kody doesn’t have a response.

In her confessional, Meri admits, “I was really just kind of hoping that he would care a little bit more. There wasn’t really anything specific that I wanted him to say or do. I just wanted him to have an air of caring and that just was not there.”

Throughout their dialog, Kody goes on to say that he desires to construct a “barndominium” on the land they’ve bought. For those who don’t know a “barndominium,” is a huge barn with a loft inside. Kody tells Meri that she may reside within the upgraded barn if she desires to downsize in Flagstaff.

“I get that he thinks that he’s like amazing and gracious and brilliant. It’s just insulting,” Meri admits.

To his face, Meri tells Kody that it simply makes “more sense” to get a smaller home in Flagstaff. “And also, I just don’t really want to live long-term indefinitely in an RV. I don’t think that that is something I would want,” she says.

In the end, Kody doesn’t have an opinion both method about the place Meri lives as a result of has no plans to reconcile along with her. “I think the writing is on the wall. It’s been obvious to me,” Kody says. “When I try to go into that discussion with Meri, I get so much resistance. It’s not really fair to either of us, but as long as she wants to live in this denial, I guess I can live in it with her.”

Meri acknowledges that she knew Kody wasn’t going to “give a flying rat’s a**” about her shifting her enterprise. “He’s saying that he’s not concerned about me leaving because he’s not concerned. At all. About anything about me.”

She provides in her confessional, “I wish that he saw some value in me, and he doesn’t. He wants to put me in the loft of his freaking barndominium.” New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.