Meghan Markle and Abigail Spencer met as costars on “Suits,” however their friendship goes far past the USA Community authorized drama collection. Along with sharing a Sept. 4, 1981, birthday, Markle and Spencer have at all times supported one another and spoken extremely of each other. Spencer was current at each the royal wedding ceremony and Markle’s NYC child bathe, and in 2019, Spencer raved about what an excellent mother Markle was going to be when she was pregnant with Prince Archie. “I think it goes without saying, she’s incredible,” Abigail informed E! Information. “She’s incredible and that baby is so lucky to have them as their parents.”

In March 2021, Spencer additionally publicly defended her pal towards bullying allegations. “I’ve learned so much from Meg. The power of a handwritten note. The loveliness of surprise flowers. That she has a perpetual rolodex in her brain of recommendations for the heart, soul, & body. When I’m headed to a new town, there’s a hotel or dinner reservation at the ready, as well as a connection with one of her friends to show me around so I feel less alone,” Spencer wrote on Instagram. “She’s been there for me – and physically held me – in my darkest hours: After my dad died. After a gut wrenching break up she brought me into her home & nursed me back to health. Soup & salad waiting in the kitchen, just, if I needed it. She’s taken my son in as her own. I can’t tell you the value of having another working mother I can lean on when with the pressures of visibility & child-rearing woes become overwhelming. She’s always been a safe harbor for me, someone I can fall apart in front of… and with. And I have.”

“This is the person I’ve known the past fourteen years. I am extremely private about my friendship with Meg. I’m not here to tell you her story. That’s for her,” Spencer continued within the feedback. “So why am I writing this now? I felt drawn – in all this melee, with all the untruths swirling around – to present something real. From a real friend. About a real friend.”

“There are some people who are so bright and exude such deep purpose that they change the molecules in the air simply through their being. She was all of this from the moment I met her fourteen years go. And remains so to this day,” Spencer continued. “Meg walks the walk. She’s a doer. In the face of darkness, she shows up in light and in love. When they go low, she goes high. Again and again. She works tirelessly – and often quietly – for the causes she believes in.”

In honor of Markle and Spencer’s years-long friendship, see a few of their cutest moments forward.