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After decades of being one of Hollywood’s brightest stars – winning an Oscar, two Grammys, four Tonys, and an Emmy – Liza Minnelli has withdrawn from the light in recent years.
Liza has had serious health problems in the past, and in 2000, she was warned by doctors that she might not walk or talk again after surviving a rare case of viral encephalitis, a life-threatening brain disorder.
Speaking to NBC’s Dateline 10 years later, he said of his illness: “I could not walk and I could not speak, and they told me I would never do it again.”
“After being told that, everyone came out of the room and I turned my face to the wall and started going‘ A – B – C… ’” he continued. “I want to live. I have always wanted to live. ”
Liza has refused to recover and has continued to work as she released her latest album, Confessions, in 2010.
Now 76, Liza is rarely seen in public, but joined Lady Gaga on stage at the Academy Awards on Sunday to announce the winner of this year’s Best Photo.
Gaga has always talked about how much she loves Liza, and has admitted that she has made a huge difference when it comes to pursuing her showbiz career.
Nearly 50 years after winning an Oscar for her performance at Cabaret, Liza was in a wheelchair during last night’s event and at times seemed uncertain about what to do.
But Gaga held her hand literally while we shared the stage, but only after allowing Liza her moment in public.
As the audience applauded Liza’s surprise appearance on the show, Gaga stepped back to focus on her producer. Then he told the star: “Do you see that? The community, they love you. ”
Liza laughed as she missed her points and was heard to say: “Oh yes, now what am I… I don’t understand.”
Gaga smiled kindly and reassured him: “I got it,” before introducing Liza to the audience and calling her “a true business legend.”
When it was Liza’s sign to speak, she looked at Gaga for reassurance and the star gave her a comforting head. Liza then seemed to be struggling in her lines as she said: “All night we saw the top ten … you know … nominated for best photo awards…”
Gaga then concluded: “We will see who the nominees are now.” Liza seemed relieved as she smiled and replied: “Oh, that’s fine.”
In a lively conversation, Gaga leaned forward and whispered to Liza: “I got it,” and Liza replied: “I know, thank you.”
When it was time for the two to announce the winners, Gaga checked to see if Liza was ready before opening the envelope and letting her announce the CODA victory on her own.
Viewers watching at home were impressed by Gaga’s subtle support for Liza throughout the stage. They were quick to praise him unmistakably at the same time directing a Hollywood legend and cleverly delivering a part.
“The way Lady Gaga was able to deal with the situation to keep the program moving and defending Liza’s dignity was an art and shows how good she is,” someone said on Twitter.

“It touched my heart to see how caring and caring Lady Gaga treated Liza Minelli, who was extremely weak without taking away her dignity,” admits one.
One popular tweet reads: “This is like a lesson in how you can help older people while respecting their identity. @ Ladygaga class action and legend Liza Minnelli. The whispering rhetoric of ‘I got it’ ‘I know’ taken from the labs makes it very emotional. ”
Some were so moved by the friendliness of the celebrities that they broke down in tears, another wrote on Twitter: “I am crying for Lady Gaga who is a gentle and supportive legend of Liza Minnelli.”
“I recently received a new tribute to Lady Gaga for her gentle and dignified manner in dealing with Liza Minnelli. It really brought tears to my eyes, ”echoed another.
One viewer admitted that Gaga had supported Liza without making the situation “like her or difficult,” writing: “I hope at some point we can discuss who the class actress Lady Gaga is and how she kept the Best Photo presentation going on while she lasted. Liza Minnelli was immersed and immersed without hesitation or discomfort. It’s just amazing. ”
The moment of generosity was a welcome distraction from the game that was taking place at the start of Sunday’s event, when Will Smith sparked worldwide excitement when he hit Chris Rock live on stage with a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.
The event undoubtedly covered the entire program, which included Ariana DeBose who made history by becoming the first outstanding woman to win an Oscar, and Troy Kotsur became the first deaf man to win an Academy Award for acting.