Lesli Linka Glatter has been re-elected president of the Administrators Guild of America by acclamation of the delegates on the DGA’s Biennial Nationwide Conference in Los Angeles.

“I am absolutely thrilled to declare that our unity and strength have never been stronger,” she enthusiastically expressed. “Together, hand in hand with our esteemed partners SAG-AFTRA and the WGA, we will persist in our shared fight for an industry that truly recognizes and celebrates the immense value of our collective work.”

“In these critical times for our industry, I am more devoted than ever to our Guild’s unwavering mission of safeguarding the creative and economic rights of our esteemed members. We will collaborate both within and outside our ranks, addressing the challenges that affect each and every one of us,” she passionately stated.

“As we embark on the next exciting chapter of our Guild, I am elated to collaborate with an incredibly talented, diverse, and creative Board, whose generous volunteer efforts advocate tirelessly for our fellow members, contributing to the establishment of an industry where everyone can flourish. Our power as a union derives from our unity.”

First elected president two years ago, she has served on the guild’s national board for an impressive two decades, having previously held the esteemed positions of first vice-president and fifth vice-president.

Her extensive experience includes membership in three prior negotiating committees, and as president, she worked closely with the 2023 negotiating committee, successfully achieving what the guild has hailed as a “historic” new contract.

This landmark agreement includes significant progress on wages, global streaming residuals, safety, diversity, and television creative rights, laying a strong foundation for the future and positively impacting every category of our esteemed members.

Former DGA President Thomas Schlamme, who had the honor of nominating her, spoke highly of her exceptional leadership during the past two intense years. He praised her as a true champion for members across all categories, especially during the challenging contract negotiations.

Her leadership is characterized by wisdom, fearlessness, and an enormous amount of compassion. Schlamme expressed gratitude for her unwavering understanding of the membership’s needs and her relentless pursuit of their best interests, a commitment she will undoubtedly continue in her next term.

In the recent elections, Laura Belsey was elected as the National Vice President, while Paris Barclay was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer. The newly elected Vice Presidents also include Todd Holland, Ron Howard, Gina M. Prince-Bythewood, Seith Mann, Millicent Shelton, and Lily Olszewski. Additionally, Joyce Thomas was elected as the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

With this dedicated and dynamic team in place, the Directors Guild of America is well-positioned to tackle the industry’s challenges, champion the rights of its members, and lead the way towards a flourishing and inclusive future for all.

The creative prowess and collaborative spirit of this leadership will undoubtedly shape the path ahead, solidifying the Guild’s prominent role in shaping the future of the entertainment industry.

Right here is the complete listing of officers and nationwide board members elected to serve for the subsequent two years:


Lesli Linka Glatter

Nationwide Vice-President

Laura Belsey


Paris Barclay

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Joyce Thomas

First Vice-President

Todd Holland

Second Vice-President

Ron Howard

Third Vice-President

Gina M. Prince-Bythewood

Fourth Vice-President

Seith Mann

Fifth Vice-President

Millicent Shelton

Sixth Vice-President

Lily Olszewski

Board Members
Kabir Akhtar
Jon Avnet
Norberto Barba
Valdez Flagg
Courtney Franklin
Nicole Kassell
Christopher Nolan
Joseph P. Reidy
Donald L. Sparks
Steven Spielberg
Glenn P. Weiss

Alternate Board Members

Tessa Blake

Benny Growth

Patricia Cardoso

Hanelle Culpepper

Ava DuVernay

Karen Gaviola

Maggie Greenwald

Phil Lord

Annetta Marion

Lily Mariye

Edward Ornelas

Kimberly A. Peirce

Jason Robert Reitman

Bethany Rooney

Marcos Siega

Alex Stapleton

J. Rupert Thompson

Affiliate Board Members

Julie Gelfand

Louis J. Guerra

Keven Koster

Glenna Meeks

Shawn Pipkin-West

Second Alternate Board Members

Alanna G.A. Campbell

Mimi (Marian) Deaton

Joe MJ Moore

Chemen A. Ochoa

Lyn Pinezich

Canella Williams-Larrabee