SPOILER WARNING! Details from the first two episodes of Dave Season 3 are included in this post.

“In a sea of Lil Dicky admirers, will Dave Burd find true love?”

The query was posed by Jeff Schaffer, a co-creator of Dave, as he spoke about the themes of the third season of the FXX show, which premiered on Wednesday. The comedic series has provided a fictional look at Burd’s investigation of his connection with his own self, as well as with his friends and collaborators, over the course of the last two seasons. As Burd embarks on his first tour, Dave will now concentrate its emphasis on his interaction with his followers.

What do his genuine fans and his true music say about each other? How does it portray him? Can he alter it, too? He likes it, right? Is he currently imprisoned in what he created? He is currently rising in fame. Is he achieving the level of fame he desires? Schaffer spoke. We are not acting in an allegoric manner. He’s actually discussing it, which I find to be remarkably courageous and responsible in a peculiar sense.

When Burd hooks up with a fan in the first episode’s opening scene, such issues are addressed head-on. It’s obvious he’s looking for a deeper connection after his feeble attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend Ally last season, but he finds that this new woman is more interested in telling her friends about her sexcapade with Lil Dicky than she is in getting to know the man behind the persona.

He is once more deceived by the promise of real love during a tour stop in Texas when he encounters a woman who claims not to know him outside one of his gigs. She invites him back to a house party after they converse in the parking lot, where he finally learns that she had bet her friends she could bed Lil Dicky.

Because TV Dave’s level of celebrity is starting to approach real Dave’s [at that time], Schaffer explained, “there are all these stories that were happening to him right then, when he had some level of fame, that made no sense to do in Season 1 and even in Season 2.”

In the same episode where Burd tests out a scroguard prior to a sexual encounter (“Yes, Dave truly does have a scroguard,” “It takes a certain amount of deftness to deal with that narrative. Yes, that is the genuine ad. And indeed, they have closed their doors, Schaffer said.) But the comedy programme finds a way to straddle a tonal line that enables it to be both hilarious and, at times, extremely profound.

Schaffer added, citing the second episode of Season 3 as an example, “Authenticity has been the north star of the show, and a lot of times he’s using things plucked from his real life, but he’s looking at them in new ways, now that he’s growing as a person too.” Dave was willing to view this experience from a fresh perspective, which is how you can see the character develop as a person.

In Philadelphia, Burd and his crew are filming a music video, mostly inside his boyhood house, and the episode follows them as they do so. His best friend and first love, Brittany, who he claims broke his heart when he was a youngster, is the subject of the song. In Burd’s version of events, the supper before the school dance results in him being the 33rd wheel. He shows up hoping to go on a date with Brittany but discovers that she’s gone with another man.

That doesn’t really hold up though because Brittany realises that he is portraying her as the antagonist after stopping by to see the production and being persuaded to star as herself. She calls him out on it and admits that following the school dance, the two did date, but their relationship ended after a month. Burd rewrites the song’s ending when Brittany leaves the music video and he experiences a discovery that dramatically alters his understanding of that romance.

As it turned out, Schaffer claims that the situation played out very identically in the writers’ room.

According to him, “Dave always wanted to perform the tale about being the 33rd wheel. It was a story about how he was basically the victim and the martyr and everyone made fun of him and he felt bad. And he was discussing it with us. And someone says, “Wait, you two started dating after that?” In the writers room, he had a similar epiphany that he was willing to explore, and that information created the script’s genetic code.

But we must not lose sight of our opponents. I’m Dave Burd, also known as Lil Dicky. The constantly awkward and sometimes self-centered rapper who capitalised on his flaws. He’s always down to be the punchline of a good joke, Schaffer added, and that has served him well as the series has gone on.

Following a Season 2 that was rife with tension and angst as Burd struck a creative wall, he asserted that Season 3 was “probably our funniest season.”

Schaffer remarked, “He was simply a stress monster. “We led everyone down a really dark route, but it’s still a dark one, and I think it paid off immensely in the end. This season is much more enjoyable. There is no fighting among the gangs. Going somewhere they’ve never been before, they’re all in it together. This is the ideal time to move forward with it for his career, his art, and from an emotional one for our gang.

Usher, Rick Ross, Demi Lovato, Don Cheadle, Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, Killer Mike, and Travis Barker are just a few of the impressive guest stars that Season 3 will welcome.

Schaffer drew back to the show’s favourite punchline — Burd himself — when asked how they specifically persuaded someone like Usher to appear on the series.

“I believe that everyone is aware that they won’t be the ones who appear foolish when they perform since we have two seasons of evidence to that effect. Dave will be happy to pick up the slack, the man said.

Remember that Burd’s own life served as inspiration for the series. Everything eventually starts to become a bit.

As an illustration, the majority of Episode 1 was filmed in Piru, California, a tiny, unincorporated community in the southern portion of the state with, according to Schaffer, “only four buildings” on the main road. Things took an unexpected turn when they were getting ready to film the episode’s climactic sequence, in which a naked Dave hops over a fence and spots the massage parlour where he goes to get aid (and a happy ending).

“We’re setting up when a guy gets pulled over by the police just before we can shoot it. In Piru, there are four structures. He stops in front of our vehicle. It is the slowest and longest DUI, according to Schaffer. “We are holding. Nothing can be done by us. You cannot request that the police simply walk around the store. He’s just sitting there, inebriated, thinking, “I must be wasted; a film team appears to be here.

Perhaps such interaction will appear in Season 4.

Wednesdays are when new episodes of Dave premiere on FXX; the next day, they can be watched online at Hulu.