In the season 5 premiere of Good Trouble, Evan put his life on the line to help Mariana, Joaquin, and Jenna escape from Silas’ farm. Sadly, he was shot and ended up in a coma. Mariana was overcome with guilt and needed her sister Callie to be by her side. The emotional toll of the situation was palpable and left the audience anxiously awaiting Evan’s fate.

T.J. Linnard
T.J. Linnard as Evan. (Freeform)

When Will We Discover Evan’s Fate? The Tension Mounts in Good Trouble Season 5
Joanna Johnson: the creator of Good Trouble, viewers will have to wait a few episodes to discover what happens to Evan. In the meantime, Mariana will be taking on a significant role at Speckulate as Evan’s proxy, and the show’s creators are excited to explore the ramifications of this responsibility. Mariana’s guilt and sense of responsibility will also play a significant role in the storyline, and she will face opposition from various adversaries at the company. Johnson emphasized the importance of giving this storyline enough time to unfold and fully develop.

Will Evan Survive in Good Trouble Season 5? Writers’ Room Considered All Options
Joanna Johnson: I find the idea of simply killing off a character to be quite bleak, as it could limit the potential for an engaging and captivating storyline. It would also result in the remaining character experiencing grief, which may be too weighty of a theme. Initially, we were uncertain as to which character would be shot, but it quickly became apparent that Evan’s demise would create the most compelling dynamic. Marianna’s intense feelings of guilt and the impact it would have on their relationship would be a fascinating aspect to explore.

Exploring the aftermath of Marianna’s guilt on her relationship with Joaquin following the shooting

Joanna Johnson: I believe that the love triangle between the three of them has become quite complex. At first, one of them might have felt upset about bringing the other out there. However, they quickly begin to blame themselves, thinking that if they had not gone out there without informing anyone, then none of this would have happened. Joaquin and the other person live together and spend a lot of time together, which has created a special bond between them. They have both experienced trauma from the incident, and this has made their connection stronger. Since no one else was there, it’s difficult for anyone to fully understand what they went through.

How has Joaquin’s relationship with his sister changed after the incident?
Joanna Johnson: After leaving home, Joaquin and his sister have been separated for some time. They both share a traumatic experience of growing up in an oppressive household and church environment. While not all church situations are the same, theirs was particularly difficult, and they both need time to heal. Being around siblings often brings up memories and conversations about their childhood, which can aid in the healing process. Leaving a cult situation is not easy, and the effects of being brainwashed can be long-lasting.

Maia Mitchell
Maia Mitchell as Callie. (Freeform)

The Planned Return of Callie: Insights from Joanna Johnson on Bringing Back the Iconic Character in ‘Good Trouble
Joanna Johnson: When Maia departed to return home to Australia and spend time with her family, we expressed our willingness to welcome her back any time. Maia is a cherished member of our cast, and Callie, her character, is integral to our show, which spans from The Fosters to Good Trouble. We are delighted to know that Maia is open to reprising her role, as she fits seamlessly into our storyline. Thus, we took the opportunity to bring her back into the fold.

What is the duration of her stay at The Coterie?
Joanna Johnson: The show’s creators have confirmed that the character will make an appearance in both the A and B seasons of the current season, though it should not be inferred that she will become a permanent resident at The Coterie. The extent of her presence on the show will be based on her availability, and the team hopes to include her as much as possible.

Will there be any updates on Callie and Jamie’s relationship in the upcoming season?
Joanna Johnson: The upcoming episode promises to provide answers to the questions about the status of Callie and Jamie’s relationship. The show’s creators aim to keep the audience engaged and entertained with the unfolding storyline.

What could be Gael’s next course of action after Isabella’s disappearance with their baby at The Coterie? 
Joanna Johnson: The situation that Gael finds himself in is quite distressing. In California, unmarried fathers have no automatic parental rights, and they must make a formal request to obtain such rights. This realization is alarming for Gael, particularly because he understands how impulsive Isabella can be. Despite this, he also has empathy for her and comprehends her flaws. The situation has left Gael feeling both frightened and conflicted. The idea of having your child taken away with no authority to act is a frightening prospect for anyone.

Cierra Ramirez as Mariana.

Cierra Ramirez as Mariana. (Freeform)

How long can Dennis and Davia keep their relationship a secret before it becomes public knowledge? 
Joanna Johnson: The show’s creators have no intention of breaking up Dennis and Davia’s relationship. They are eager to showcase the ups and downs of being in a romantic relationship with someone who was previously just a friend. Since the two have known each other for a while, the storyline will explore their existing friendship. In addition to their relationship, the season will feature significant career opportunities for both of them. The couple will have to juggle building their new romance while also focusing on their professional aspirations.

What can we expect from Alice’s character journey in the upcoming season?
Joanna Johnson: In the upcoming season, Alice’s character journey will involve rekindling her relationship with Sumi, despite the pain they experienced in the past. This will require rebuilding trust between them. Additionally, Alice will have an exciting career storyline as she pursues writing for a comedy show, which promises to bring a lot of humor to the show.