Potty humor is commonly an indication of lazy writing.

Want a fast, straightforward snigger? You recognize the place to search out it … within the nearest lavatory stall.

Inform that to the Studio C alums behind “Go West.” The comedian troupe is at its nimble finest when turning jokes about no. 2 into one thing elegant. Who knew dysentery may very well be laugh-out-loud humorous?

The group’s first feature-length movie has its flaws, however the script is relentlessly witty and the solid performs a number of roles within the grand Monty Python custom. Nobody is in drag, though one male character wears high-heel boots and the villainess boasts a person’s title.

Better of all? It’s all squeaky clear. Even probably the most outrageous potty gags are match for the entire household.

Perennially widowed Aveline (Natalie Madsen) decides to, all collectively, go west when she learns her teen daughter is about to marry a scoundrel. She groups with a kindly man named Elijah (Stephen Meek) and her dying sister Cora (Everton), not realizing the hardships they’ll face alongside the best way.

That features a vengeful shopkeep named Robert (Whitney Name) and wacky characters performed by the 10-member solid.

Narrated by a sport Sean Astin, “Go West” places an excessive amount of religion in some working gags. Others land the primary time and by no means let up. Blame Everton’s Cora for taking advantage of her character’s one-disgusting be aware.

She’s on demise door from dysentery, and between coughing up blood and flirting with Elijah she crushes each scene she’s in. Her comedian timing packs Swiss-like precision.

It’s not straightforward to make use of a terminal sickness as a punchline, however “Go West’s” comedian tone is so frothy, so inoffensive that it could actually get away with virtually something … even a torture sequence that doubles as a killer flatulence bit.

The movie, assembled from a patchwork of comedian skits, reveals its roots early and sometimes. There’s little story momentum to talk of, and among the gags land with a cringe-worthy thud. That teased Aveline/Elijah romance wants a bit extra meat on its bone, too.

The story could also be set within the 1800s, however the screenplay injects Twenty first-century tropes for comedian impact. It really works practically each time, and the movie may use much more of those anachronistic good bombs.

The manufacturing design is modest however efficient, proving a sensible comedy doesn’t have to interrupt the financial institution to get the job performed.

“Go West” embraces the “Airplane!” method to comedy. Hold throwing punch traces and sight gags on the viewers and, by golly, some will undoubtedly stick.

That they do, and in sufficient portions that you just’ll grin from begin to end.

HiT or Miss: “Go West’s” plotless narrative wears skinny, however it’s constantly intelligent and clear because the proverbial whistle.