GloRilla is opening up about how she got here to unapologetically embrace her trademark voice, in addition to how she realized that she has to decelerate and odor the roses as a substitute of solely specializing in the long run.

GloRilla Admits To Beforehand Being “Embarrassed” By Her Iconic Voice

The “Tomorrow 2” rapper dished on the themes throughout a current sit-down with Elle, and he or she admitted that her voice initially “embarrassed” her, as Glo “wanted to sound like a girl.”

“When I first came out rapping, I was trying to sound like a little girl. I was saying some hard s**t, but just in a little girly-a*s voice. It was me trying to change my sound because I have a naturally deeper voice. I was kind of embarrassed, because I wanted to sound like a girl.”

When 2021 got here round, although, GloRilla “changed her sound” and allowed her voice to get “deeper and deeper” on her tracks.

“That’s when I first changed my sound. That’s the year my voice started getting deeper and deeper.”

This sentiment echoes earlier commentary she supplied on the matter. Throughout a January 2023 sit-down with The Reduce, Glo recalled that her voice got here out “squeaky” when she tried to “sound like a girl” whereas gettin’ began within the rap sport.

After some mates known as her on this, GloRilla determined, “Let me just put emphasis on what I already sound like, just add a lil bit more sauce to it.”

Moreover, after Twitter customers spoke on how deep her voice was in “Blessed,” Glo humorously declared, “My voice is only this deep because my P***y is so GOOD.”

The Rapper Is Valuing Her Laborious Work & Current Accomplishments

Apart from dishing on embracing her “naturally deeper voice,” GloRilla additionally spoke on an vital lesson she discovered about cherishing her blessings and never staying “so focused on [the] future.”

“The initial prize was me getting to where I am right now. My friend and I recently had a conversation about how we are so focused on our future—what else can we do to be better than what we’re doing now? We forget that what we got right now is what we’ve [always] prayed for.”

Though Glo’s all about residing within the second and having fun with the fruits of her labor, she’s nonetheless giving followers a preview of what to anticipate on her subsequent venture.

Particularly, since she was “on [her] hood s**t” whereas recording her In any case, Life’s Nice… EP, she plans to make the most of “different sounds” in her forthcoming album. Nevertheless, she assures followers that she’s nonetheless gonna “still [be] raw and uncut.”

“This [new album] is going to be still me, still raw and uncut. But just me knowing what it’s like being here and [experimenting with] different sounds. Because I was on my hood s**t the whole time.”

GloRilla added, “This go-around, it ain’t just me being hard. I got a couple of different sounds coming on this one.”