A letter written to President Joe Biden by attorneys Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson identified Daejhanae Jackson as the suspect wanted by Mexican authorities for the murder of Shanquella Robinson.

The Charlotte Observer reported on this development, and the letter contained new information about the case that had not been released previously.

Attorneys are urging US officials to take action on a pending extradition request

As per The Charlotte Observer’s report, on March 13, Crump and Robinson wrote a letter to the White House, which they also shared with the news outlet. The letter verified that Daejhanae Jackson was the individual sought by authorities in Cabo, Mexico, in connection with the murder of Shanquella Robinson.

The lawyers urged in the letter for U.S. officials to either proceed with the pending extradition request or handle the case themselves and prosecute Daejhanae Jackson in the United States. Atlanta Black Star obtained a portion of the email and shared an excerpt of the letter.

“We are writing to implore the United States Government on behalf of the family of Shanquella Robinson to intervene diplomatically in this transnational criminal case. The case centers around the passing of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old American citizen who was a driven, intelligent entrepreneur.”

As reported by The Shade Room and reiterated in the letter obtained by Atlanta Black Star, the lawyers also mentioned the rapid diplomatic intervention by the United States in the recent case involving the abduction of four Americans in Mexico.

“The letter highlights the prompt and collaborative response from Mexican and U.S. law enforcement agencies in the kidnapping case of a group of U.S. citizens at Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, as an example. The lawyers emphasized that both situations, which they are requesting on behalf of Shanquella Robinson’s family, would necessitate swift diplomatic intervention at a high level.”

Uncovering New Details in the Case

The Charlotte Observer reported that the letter contained “findings” obtained during a recent trip to Mexico made by Sue-Ann Robinson.

These findings indicated that Daejhanae Jackson was one of three individuals who had returned Robinson’s belongings to her mother’s residence in Charlotte after the Cabo trip. Additionally, the outlet reported that Jackson had falsely informed Robinson’s mother that her daughter had died of alcohol poisoning.

The letter was accompanied by a package containing 18 pages of supplementary information, including autopsy results and some prosecutor and police records that had not been previously released.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the complete medical examiner’s report revealed that Robinson had sustained physical injuries 12 hours prior to her death, specifically a head injury that caused internal bleeding in her brain.

The medical examiner’s report also revealed that Robinson had suffered a direct blow to the left side of her hip, with the right side of her hip being bruised, and bruises on one of her hands. The manner of death was labeled as “violent” in the report.

In addition, the medical examiner discovered injuries to Robinson’s chest wall, which were consistent with resuscitation attempts.

Robinson’s cause of death was attributed to a broken neck.

After Robinson’s death, the “Cabo 6” allegedly went out to dinner, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

Atlanta Black Star has reported that Suni Jehseel Popoca Millan, the concierge assigned to the Cabo villa where Robinson and her tripmates stayed, shared new information about their actions following Robinson’s death.

Popoca Millan allegedly observed the group having dinner during their vacation and informed the police that Robinson “seemed not to fit in.”

“Upon my introduction, she remained unresponsive and indifferent, devoid of any celebratory ambiance, as she neither greeted me nor smiled.”

The following day, the man claimed to have received a text message from Jackson inquiring about the location of the nearest medical center.

“I am concerned that my friend may be experiencing alcohol poisoning and requires emergency medical attention, as well as assistance in communicating with healthcare professionals in Spanish.”

After Popoca Milan contacted a doctor, he received a subsequent text message, two hours later, informing him that Robinson “had been hospitalized and was unconscious.” Later that day, he was notified of Robinson’s passing and returned to the villa to check on her fellow travelers.

Upon his arrival, he offered Jackson his condolences, “as she was the primary person responsible for the reservation.” However, when he requested permission to embrace her, he sensed a “coldness” in her demeanor.

“I departed from that vicinity and remained outside, allowing them privacy to mourn. However, shortly after, I heard laughter.”

Popoca Milan clarified that the group subsequently requested transportation to go out for dinner.

As reported by The Shade Room earlier, Shanquella Robinson passed away during a vacation in Cabo, Mexico in November, while accompanied by six other individuals she considered as “friends”. A video was later circulated on social media showing Robinson being purportedly assaulted by Jackson. Despite informing Robinson’s family that she had died from alcohol poisoning, the actual cause of her death remains in question.