Adam Defends His Accomplice Oliver Gliese From Anti-LGBT Feedback

The 41-year-old singer got here to his companion Oliver Gliese’s protection after trolls attacked them with anti-LGBT feedback.

After the loving couple celebrated a enjoyable night time in West Hollywood on Aug. 4, individuals tried to rain on their parade with hateful feedback towards Oliver’s look.

Oliver, 28, was wearing a superb sheer black prime with black and white shorts with cute stars and stripes. Each Adam and Oliver complemented one another with silver nail polish, inexperienced smokey eyes, and accented jewellery match for fiercest royalty.

Adam responded to haters on his Instagram tales — and he ATE THEM UP:

“Oli and I had a fun night out! Rare to encounter paps in WEHO — so retro. Haha. Lifts my spirits to see support in the comments,” Adam started his easy learn. “Also appalled to see the obnoxious homophobia and ignorance plaguing people [right now].”

He continued to pull the trolls, writing, “Oli identifies as a he. he has wicked style and refuses to conform to the societal norms regarding his fashion choices. He is beautiful and brave, and daring. He’s a leader, not a follower. One of the many things I love about him!”

“We are very happy together, and if the haters don’t like it, we don’t really give a fuck. Grow up and challenge yourself to explore tolerance. We are all just trying to stay happy and fulfilled with our lives. Chances are, if you’re busy trolling us online, you’re miserable in your own life and can’t deal w your issues,” Adam completed.

Oliver additionally addressed the hateful feedback on his Instagram tales:

“Also, let’s just highlight how disgusting people are in comments sections,” Oliver wrote. “And then we can all ask ourselves why people in the spotlight end their life too soon, are on antidepressants, having low self-esteem, dieting, etc. Kindness never killed anyone!”

“Also, I’m not dressing like a girl, nor do I identify as a girl. I identify as a man, I just happen to have great legs I wanna show and love makeup! I’m also a man who can’t fit a lot of menswear because I’m too small, AND menswear are sooooo boring often.”

Oliver completed with a message of positivity, writing, “AND this is not encouragement to go and fight back for me in the comment section. We don’t need to fuel flames or spread more negativity. Let’s just live our lives how [it] makes us happy and let the bigots be bigots. X Oli”

Take be aware, of us. Deal with others with kindness or get learn for filth.

It’s truly inspiring to see Adam and Oliver standing strong against the tide of hateful comments and anti-LGBT sentiment they faced. They handled the situation with grace, pride, and an unwavering commitment to being true to themselves. It’s a powerful reminder that love knows no boundaries and that everyone deserves respect and acceptance for who they are.

The way Adam defended Oliver on his Instagram stories is commendable. By refusing to let the trolls get the best of them, they sent a strong message of resilience and self-love. They stood up against homophobia and ignorance, emphasizing the importance of tolerance and acceptance in society. Adam’s words about Oliver being beautiful, brave, and a leader show the depth of their love and support for each other.

Oliver’s response is equally impactful, highlighting the need for kindness in comment sections and how harmful negativity can be, especially for people in the spotlight. His message about identifying as a man and embracing his unique style is a reminder that fashion and self-expression should have no gender boundaries. His positivity and call to focus on living happy lives rather than engaging with bigots serve as an important lesson in dealing with online hate.

It’s essential to remember that we should treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or appearance.

Let’s celebrate diversity and support each other in our pursuit of happiness, just like Adam and Oliver have shown us. Love is love, and everyone deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are. Let’s stand together against hate and spread positivity and understanding in the world. X Oli ❤️