Amina Peterson

The first time intimacy coach Amina Peterson took an excellent check out her private vulva, it was impressed by Betty Dodson’s observe of studying her private genitals throughout the mirror. The experience reminded Peterson of the very beginning of The Vagina Monologues. Inside the play, a persona mentions that girls may go years with out their very personal vagina. It’s hidden away “down there,” troublesome to see and usually troublesome to face. What resonated with Peterson was this resistance: We might look, nevertheless we don’t.

When she thought of it on a much bigger scale, she realized not solely can we not check out ourselves down there, nevertheless we often don’t check out ourselves the least bit. That’s when she started doing mirror work, a observe of spending time alongside together with her physique throughout the mirror to greater admire and honor herself.


In our custom, your self throughout the mirror with reward and appreciation is taken into consideration conceited. There’s almost a connotation of its being vile or shameful. Normally the one mannequin of ourselves that’s thought-about acceptable is simply not wanting nevertheless inserting on make-up or doing all of your hair so that your look is all correct for various people. Must you take it to a special diploma, the place you’re honoring your self—seeing your physique as an precise physique, as yours, as worthwhile, as worthy—it’s frowned upon.

As soon as I used to be first confronted with mirror work—the observe of wanting throughout the mirror and really seeing your self—it was troublesome. It went in opposition to the whole thing I’d been suggested all my life about how I should see myself and the way in which I should see others. Mirror work strikes us out of this space the place our magnificence is for various people to eat and by no means for us to grasp. That’s very true for women and femmes.

As soon as I communicate to people about struggles that they’ve in intimacy, plenty of it is about being seen. Intimacy is so much about being witnessed. And plenty of us battle with being witnessed by others on account of we don’t even allow ourselves to witness ourselves. If I am unable to check out myself, how am I going to allow my companion to check out me? How am I going to get to an space the place I experience true intimacy with a companion if I’m terrified of self-intimacy? If I’m scared that any individual else will see one factor that I don’t allow myself to see?

That downside can switch us out of intimate areas and forestall us from rising true intimate ties. The whole thing stays surface-level. We do it with the lights off. We hope no one notices that we now have all these emotions. We must be preferred merely enough, so if we might get by with the love we get, that’ll be enough.

Nonetheless when you start doing mirror work, you get to extend your functionality for love and intimacy. It turns into far more than we in every other case allow ourselves to have.

Learn how to Do Mirror Work at Home

There’s one issue you could possibly ought to do mirror work: a full-length mirror by which you may see your total self. The rest is optionally accessible nevertheless will help you to get basically probably the most out of your observe.

1. Set the realm.

Even when you will have solely a bit little little bit of time, cope with this as one factor obligatory and worthwhile by clearing the realm bodily and energetically. You must care on your self and honor your self inside a temple-like setting.

  1. Assure that your space is obvious. Get your clothes up and put them away, or irrespective of it is important do.
  2. Cleanse the place. I wish to make use of smoke to help clear the air. Use irrespective of calls to you. Some people like incense or resin. Others choose yerba santa, sage, or palo santo. I favor to burn cinnamon or a sweet incense like ylang-ylang to call in some feminine vitality, notably if I make the most of one factor with very masculine vitality, like tobacco or blue sage, to start with of the observe.

2. Put collectively your physique.

Ideally, you’re able to take a bathe or a bathe sooner than doing mirror work. Now’s the time for these super delicious soaps or scrubs that you simply simply have been gifted and have been saving for one factor specific. Mild a candle. Take your time. Spend some time afterwards oiling and moisturizing your pores and pores and skin, luxuriating over your self, and allowing your self to actually really feel into the second. Then put your robe on—I like people to placed on a robe or a sarong in order that they aren’t battling their clothes throughout the subsequent step nevertheless have one factor to cowl themselves with until they’re ready—and go stand in entrance of the mirror with intention.

3. Step in entrance of the mirror.

Disrobe in entrance of the mirror. After which merely check out and spot your self.

Acknowledge your self with out judgment. Acknowledge your self from head to toe. The grey curls, the wrinkles, the furrows, the rosacea, the rosiness in your cheeks, the fullness of your lips, the color in your pores and pores and skin. Presumably I’m noticing that thought of one among my areolas is greater than the alternative. I do that with out judgment. I’m merely seeing it. You progress by your total physique like that. Not judging, merely seeing. Normally, as soon as we glance throughout the mirror, we generally tend to straight away perceive certain choices as unhealthy—notably if it’s one factor that’s modified, and far more so if it’s one factor that’s modified as we’ve gotten older. We uncover what’s saggy or dimply, or if one factor isn’t as full as a result of it was, or if there’s a model new wrinkle, and we determine ourselves for that.

Provide your self some reward and affirmations. It is extremely efficient to remove the idea that one factor is unsuitable with any of what you’re seeing. The first affirmation I make the most of is: “I see you.” Like, “I am witnessing you. I see myself.” Shifting on from there, it’s about going with what you are feeling. As soon as we’re not judging, we’re in a position to switch out of the contemplating thoughts and settle into the feeling ideas of the physique.

Now I can witness myself and say one factor selection, praising what I see in my pores and pores and skin and hair and tooth, like:

  1. “I’m grateful for these breasts.”
  2. “I’m so grateful for this physique that has moved me by childbirth.”
  3. “I actually like my physique. My physique is highly effective.”
  4. “This smile is sensible and welcoming.”
  5. “I am not symmetrical, and it is glorious.”
  6. “I’m proper right here. I’m worthy. That’s my experience correct now, and it’s good.”

4. Extend the observe.

This work helps create a further loving, intimate relationship together with your self. Usually I will ship a consumer into this work repeatedly, the place they do a ritual spherical this work every week: deciding on up their house, taking a improbable bathtub or an opulent bathe, establishing their candles, and cleansing their space to be very intentional about mirror work as a mission. The physique craves ritual. And as soon as we start engaged on ourselves, discovering areas the place we’re in a position to ritualize our private self-care, our private intimacy work helps the physique don’t forget that that’s essential to us.

That’s an act of self-worship. Must you check out my titles anyplace, it’s on a regular basis Goddess Amina. And I seek the advice of with my purchasers as gods and goddesses and divine beings. It’s obligatory for us to be worshipped—by ourselves and by our companions. We merely ought to learn the way. And this observe helps us learn the way our god self must be affirmed and appreciated and accepted and preferred.


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