The “world’s best” UFO photo’s secret has been revealed by a former defense intelligence official, who claims the enormous, diamond-shaped object seen in the picture was actually a top-secret US aircraft.

The amazing photograph, dubbed “The Calvine Photograph,” depicts a large, angular object hovering above a scene with a Harrier fighter jet evident in the background.

It was captured close to the small Scottish village that bears its name, Calvine. Until it was eventually rediscovered and made public in August 2022, the image was for many years thought to be a modern myth.

A team headed by academic and journalist David Clarke discovered the image in the possession of a former RAF press officer. The image looked precisely as it had been described by those who had seen it.

However, despite the discovery of the image—often hailed as the “best ever UFO photo”—the riddle still surrounds it. Who took the photo, and what precisely was the object in it?

Dr. Clarke has since revealed to The Sun what his years of UFO research have turned up.


After 30 years, the infamous Calvine photograph—which depicts a warplane and a UFO—has been made public.

The “strongest theory” regarding the Calvine photo’s mystery

The best lead the team has had on the image to date, according to Dr. Clarke, was shared with The Sun. They speculate that the object might have been an experimental component of top-secret US technology.

This is founded on the testimony of a former British Defense Intelligence officer who admitted voluntarily that he was in charge of looking into the Calvine incident.

The defense officer explained that the UFO was thought to have been a “target designation companion” for F-117 Nighthawk stealth bombers, and Dr. Clarke and his crew confirmed the official’s credentials.

The so-called “Calvine Vehicle” was reportedly autonomous, enormous, and fitted with a cutting-edge laser for mapping the ground.

The length was assessed by Sheffield Hallam University’s photo analysis to be between 100 and 130 feet (30 and 40 meters).

However, the precise nature of the vehicle is not instantly apparent.

The official, who wished to remain unnamed, claimed that there was a “one-in-a-million” chance that the craft was photographed. He even traveled to Scotland to speak with the two men who took the original picture in August 1990.

When the pictures were passed up the chain of command, he continued, there was “a hell of a stink” in Washington and the Americans “went ballistic.”

It is believed that the “Calvine Vehicle” was sent out from the US base at RAF Machrihanish.

Just two days after Saddam Hussein’s troops invaded Kuwait, it was discovered and captured on camera, starting the first Gulf War.

On the tip of the Kintyre peninsula, RAF Machrihanish is a remote station with a 10,000-foot runway that served as a space shuttle emergency landing site.

The facility, which was built to house “classified weapons,” was known as Naval Aviation weaponry Facility Machrihanish in the 1960s. In 1995, US troops left the base.

Calvine image: UFO sighting may have been a covert US spy aircraft
Two “Black Project” vehicles appear to have been deleted from the UK report into UFOs in redacted papers.
Calvine image: UFO sighting may have been a covert US spy aircraft
Additionally, images from the Black Project area were deleted.


Calvine Photograph linked to numerous other UFO sightings

According to numerous accounts from the time, RAF Machrihanish was the source of a number of strange events, including high-speed radar blips and “unusual ear-splitting jet noises” heard nearby.

Dr. Clarke admitted that the testimony of this intelligence official was what rekindled his interest in the case and set off the course of his research, which ultimately resulted in the rediscovery of the photograph.

Dr. Clarke told The Sun, “I was not expecting [the officer] to mention it and I had not intended to ask him about it.”

“The sighting and photos weren’t on my list of inquiries.

When I asked him if there was any specific incident or sighting that stood out as being unusual or inexplicable during our conversation about his time researching UFOs for British military intelligence, he simply replied, “Yes.”

He said it was a one in a million possibility, continued Dr. Clarke. I was shocked when he said this.

“It was clear he was referring to the Calvine pictures.”

The officer further claimed that the Calvine Vehicle was probably connected to the purported Belgian UFO Wave that occurred between November 1989 and April 1990.

Numerous observers claimed to have seen a sizable triangular or diamond-shaped object flying low. Even two F-16 fighter jets were sent out to try and catch one of the forms.

Some people claimed to have seen the shapes shooting “lasers” at the ground, which would seem to support the assertion that the Calvine Vehicle was a target-finding device.


According to MoD records, they intended to react to the image in 1990.

Declassified defense study offers additional hints

The Ministry of Defence’s 463-page, four-volume UFO report “Condign,” which was declassified, featured yet another piece of compelling circumstantial proof that Dr. Clarke discovered.

The SR-71 stealth fighter, a Mach 3 reconnaissance plane that was initially top secret before being made public by the US, is one of the Western “black projects” discussed in the part of the report about Western “black projects.”

Two sections that have been extensively redacted and two redacted images are attached to this section.

The MoD has decided not to make the report’s unredacted version public because it was “accidentally destroyed,” according to the MoD.

The term “UAP” (unidentified aerial phenomena), which has become widely used in Washington as a result of the most recent wave of UFO sightings in the US, is discussed in connection to the black projects.

Dr. Clarke told The Sun, “I am confident those photos are of a still-top-secret US reconnaissance aircraft, possibly the one photographed in Scotland.”

In the meantime, the investigators were able to acquire a redacted document that mentions a D-notice, which is a formal request to media outlets not to publish a story due to concerns about national security.

Additionally, “the remaining ASTRA/AURORA photos” are mentioned. A long-rumored US hypersonic spy aircraft called the Aurora is also said to have been observed in the UK in the 1990s.

Calvine image: UFO sighting may have been a covert US spy aircraft
Declassified records that seem to support the MoD’s enforcement of its prohibition on sightings of classified US technology
US patents filed several years after the Calvine incident have an interesting similarity to the object seen in Scotland
An intriguing resemblance between the item seen in Scotland and US patents published several years after the Calvine incident can be seen.


The Sun quoted Dr. Clarke’s colleague Matthew Illsley as saying: “Of course, we don’t know if this was linked to Calvine or to some other event.

However, it does support the notion that unreleased D-notices, black project aircraft, and secret photographs that nobody has openly acknowledged exist.

Salvatore Cezar Pais, the inventor of the aerospace engine, submitted a patent that supports the theory that the Calvine Vehicle may have been a piece of US experimental technology.

Mr. Pais, who currently works for the US Space Force, submitted a number of patents for highly experimental and frequently sci-fi-like aircraft and propulsion systems while employed by the US Department of the Navy.

One of the many patents he was awarded depicts an aircraft with a diamond shape that appears to be propelled by microwaves.

His inventions are not merely creative endeavors. In a letter to the US Patent Office, Chief Technology Officer of the US Naval Aviation Enterprise James Sheey defended Mr. Pais’ work and insisted that “China is already investing significantly in this area.”


The UFO photograph has Kevin Russell’s name written on the reverse. Dr. Clark is attempting to locate him.

The Calvine Photo’s History

The Calvine Photo was taken close to the village that bears its name, Calvine, which is in central Scotland.

According to reports, two men were hiking or hunting when they came across the incredible scene. They reportedly saw the huge metallic object as fighter planes flew by in the distance before it shot off into the sky and was never seen again.

Fortunately, they appeared to have taken pictures of the event, taking six pictures of the diamond-shaped craft with a fighter aircraft in the distance.

The Scotland’s Daily Record publication received the pictures after receiving a donation, and it later gave them to the Ministry of Defense. (MoD).

The photos disappeared into Whitehall’s abyss for unknown causes, and the story was never published. This marked the beginning of the “Calvine Photograph” urban legend.

Five additional pictures from that evening are still missing, one of which allegedly depicts the two men posing with the shape in the backdrop.

It is believed that the aircraft in the backdrop are US and UK-operated Harrier jump jets.

Senior professor Andrew Robinson at Sheffield Hallam University conducted a photo analysis that revealed the image was unaltered.

He came to the conclusion that if the item is a fake, it must have been staged as a hoax for the camera in a lengthy 11-page study.

According to Mr. Robinson’s statement, “The image shows no evidence of negative or print-based manipulation, and all obvious indications suggest this is a genuine photograph of the scene before the camera.”


Dr. David Clarke located Craig Lindsay, a retired RAF press officer. Imagination: UAP Media UK

Researchers demand the last component of the riddle

Dr. Clarke thinks his team is very close to cracking the case, but they still require a few more hints.

In his words to The Sun, “I think we are as close as anyone can be.”

The authorities, however, have been’very clever’ with this one and have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that the truth is, annoyingly, still out there, according to my source.

Other than the scant papers published in 2009, they assert that they have no records regarding the photos.

This is blatant nonsense because the photos were the topic of a meeting in Washington, DC, in 1992 that was attended by US and British intelligence, according to another intelligence source.

“I am confident that the case has a sizable file that includes copy negatives and an in-depth analysis of the images.”

The photographer and his companion have “disappeared,” he continued, “which is not surprising given the secrecy surrounding the story.

“I have no doubt that they are aware of the most recent coverage that the photos have received, but they still seem to prefer silence.

This situation seems odd if the pictures are a hoax or spoof, as many have suggested.

At the very least, the photographer is the rightful owner of the images’ copyright and should be recognized as such.

Dr. Clarke stated that his team is still looking for the photographer who took the renowned photograph and that this is why he is sharing the shocking account. They are requesting information from anyone who may know something about the individual identified as “Kevin Russell,” whose name is handwritten on the back of the original print of the photograph.

Dr. Clarke believes Kevin will be the missing link.