In response to the accusations of child endangerment and violence, Brittney Taylor has spoken out. The former Love & Hip Hop: New York star surrendered to the police last week on a warrant, as we discovered earlier today. Afeez Akande, the father of her children, is accused of being punched and struck with a bat in front of their children, according to the allegations.

Taylor, however, claims in a string of online statements that her ex beat her “for three years straight.” In another video that Brittney posted, a guy off-camera who she claims is Afeez appears to be admitting to giving someone a black eye. She also disputes that she struck him with a bat.

“For three years in a row, I have been defeated. I’m so f**king terrified that I don’t even use the internet or talk to the police about anything. Because I was traumatized at the time this guy was beating me, I couldn’t even call the police.”

In addition, Taylor warned that if she reported cases of domestic violence, “the whole world would call [her] a rat.” She also claimed that he beat her up and gave her “busted up” eyes while she was pregnant, though she didn’t say which baby. Afeez and Brittney have a two-year-old and an eight-month-old child together.

Afeez shared a picture of his bloody laceration on Instagram on March 20 after Brittney allegedly punched him in the face and hit him with a baseball bat, according to TMZ, which first reported Taylor’s allegations.

Brittney shared a text message that she reportedly sent to Afeez as part of her response to the accusations. She texted a side-view picture of the dark purple bruises on her face at 5:58 a.m. on March 3, 2022.

“Smh…I can’t accept it that you hit me first. I don’t know how irritating I was to you. In a subsequent 2022 text, Taylor stated, “I didn’t earn this.

Taylor continued in the response video:

“This guy has been beating my a** for three f**king years, during my pregnancy and everything, and now he’s sitting here playing the victim. Please pardon my profanity, but they want this, and I don’t even want to go there. They have been wanting this. He is with a young lady that he recently started dating.

She continued by saying that she is the one who looks after their kids and not Afeez.

Brittney Taylor denies using a baseball bat to strike the father of her children.

Afeez was informed he couldn’t be close to her, as Taylor revealed on Instagram Live. A discussion about his mother picking up the kids for the day is said to have taken place. But Akande also appeared on the appointed day.

Taylor claims that in response, she retreated to her living room and made an effort to avoid them. But Afeez reportedly started talking “disrespectfully” to her and even started using profanity.

Taylor claimed to The Shade Room that she didn’t strike Afeez with a bat and that he struck her while trespassing at her grandmother’s house when her Insta-Live began to skip. Later, she admitted to using a toy as her weapon to admirers.

It’s absurd because this guy has been hitting me in the a** for years, and I only struck back because he broke into my grandmother’s house and hit me. In the process, he accidentally knocked my grandma, who is 82 years old, to the ground. He doesn’t look after his child. And I didn’t use a weapon to strike him. This is false. Furthermore, this occurred weeks ago, she informed TSR.

She later shared this identical message, along with more information regarding the alleged abuse, with her 300,000+ Instagram followers.

Brittney T. claims Afeez is her “abuser” in a video of a black eye.

She stated in a post on her Instagram feed that she moved from Miami to New York in order to avoid Afeez. In the caption of a video showing her with a black eye, she labeled him her “abuser” in both a mental and physical sense.

This is her complete caption:

“Talking about DV. I’ve been getting beat up by this Nigerian guy for years. According to him, women ought to submit to their husbands and should be spanked if they argue. SMH, He is physically and psychologically abusing me. More than twice, he has defeated me in front of my kid. Here is a video of him confessing to giving me a black eye when I caught him on tape in the background. He is currently attempting to play the sufferer and gain some influence in the process. It’s very tragic that he’s trying to hurt me even more, as if he hasn’t already. He’s a deadbeat, which is unfortunate because my daughter adores him to the moon and back. All I want is to be left alone. After leaving Miami, my life is in torment. Every other day, I experience contempt and stalking.”

Afeez reportedly won’t give Brittney her extra belongings back and has been selling them instead. Brittney claims she only had two bags when she left Miami.

“My child’s father is not him. He abuses me. Just to be explicit. I never used a weapon to strike him. He tells lies. He attacked me and knocked my 82-year-old grandma to the ground, so I hit him with a toy.” Taylor composed. “SMH I made a mistake in how I retaliated, so I turned myself in and faced my charges like the strong lady I am. Violence is never justified, but that was unmistakably retaliatory abuse. I’VE SEEN ENOUGH.

In a few posts about their alleged past of domestic violence, Brittney lamented not documenting her abuse on Instagram Story.

“I should have started a paper path, but I didn’t. I ought to have contacted the police. I assured the neighbors that I was fine each time they contacted the police. I just feel so traumatized, SMH,” she added.

She further charged Afeez with sending his claims of domestic violence to a few blogs for weeks in an effort to acquire influence.