Bethenny Frankel doesn’t have any dragons, however she’s able to burn issues to the bottom in help of her fellow actuality stars.

The Actual Housewives of New York Metropolis alum appeared on Group Coco’s Actually! with Rob Lowe podcast this week to speak up her “reality reckoning” plan, which requires fairer remedy for actuality present stars.

Frankel realizes that her pro-unionization stance hasn’t made her common with Bravo, her former community.

“I can tell you with great certainty that everyone at Bravo likely despises me, including Andy Cohen, because it’s very personal and because they have to protect the realm,” she mentioned on Thursday’s episode.

Frankel is at present working with attorneys and supported by SAG-AFTRA in her marketing campaign for truthful circumstances for actuality TV stars.

“While we’re talking about a union and what that would look like, [SAG-AFTRA] also want to know in the short term what they could do to help,” she mentioned. “And I was saying there should be some language, some contract language that goes into these contracts that everybody in reality knows to include.”

Amongst her greatest beefs are “unrealistic NDAs,” which prohibit actuality stars from sharing bits of the present or their very own life with the general public. “It’s a very complicated thing I walked myself into whilst also burning bridges and seeming like I’m biting the hand that fed me, but I fed myself,” she mentioned. “There are a lot of people who didn’t get fed.”

Bravo responded to Frankel’s NDA complaints in a press release.

“Confidentiality clauses are standard practice in reality programming to prevent disclosure of storylines prior to air, They are not intended to prevent disclosure by cast and crew of unlawful acts in the workplace, and they have not been enforced in that manner. To be clear: any current or former cast or crew is free to discuss and disclose any allegedly unlawful acts in the workplace, such as harassment or discrimination, or any other conduct they have reason to believe is inappropriate.”

Frankel claims she is advocating for people who find themselves “taking such risks by being their own voice. During this strike, they’re going to be the ones that everybody goes to for cheap labor.”

Utilizing a Recreation of Thrones reference, she added, “Instead of just counting my money and not pissing anybody off, I chose to, you know, shake that whole thing up and burn bridges and torch the kingdom, Khaleesi-style.”