Massive US-style pick-up truck trends are continuing to spread throughout Australia, irritating many citizens and wreaking mayhem by occupying numerous parking places per vehicle. Reaction is growing as a result.

Sales of American “pick-up trucks” have recently exploded Down Under, with statistics demonstrating the appeal of US models like the RAM 1500 and Chevrolet’s Silverado.

General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) reported selling 2118 Chevrolet Silverados in 2021, and in Victoria late last year, the 5000th locally remanufactured car rolled off the production line.

Additionally, RAM Trucks reported in October 2022 that 604 units had been sold in September, increasing 45 percent from the same period in 2021. Since the start of production, 17,115 RAMs have been sold to Australian customers.

The Ford F-150 pickup truck, one of America’s best-selling vehicles, is headed to Australian shores this year. The Toyota Tundra is anticipated to arrive in late 2023 or early 2024. Other auto industry titans have taken notice of this spike in demand.

The F-150 will also be imported as a left-hand-drive vehicle and then locally converted to right-hand drive, just like the well-liked RAM 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado, with that relatively new conversion option emerging as one of the key reasons fueling the rush.

More local drivers are embracing the movement than ever before, yet some are responding negatively.

Recent complaints about the trend have inundated Reddit, and several people have shared images of obnoxiously-parked utes.

In one recent instance, a pick-up was seen occupying four parking spaces, and the guy who took the photo criticised the “stupid American trucks.”

They were “not a tradie vehicle,” many people remarked, and there wasn’t much of a use for trucks that large in Australia.

Not a tradesman’s car. One irate Australian said, “Probs an upper manager of some building organisation who has never touched a tool other than his own.

But the vehicles are still exploding in popularity. Picture: Reddit

But the vehicles are still exploding in popularity. Picture: Reddit

“Not a single senior manager. Another said, “Can be some eshay kid of rich bogans.

I can assure you that the guy who owns one near me is not a tradesman. Another person added: “And Boomers towing a 200k caravan. These things seem to be the domain of insecure white collar workers and construction site managers.”

To be completely honest, the majority of the tradespeople I work with abhor these items. Another person stated that “it’s generally some 60-year-old grey nomad who believes that his 900kg Jayco popup needs to be pulled by a car that hardly fits in an Australian lane.

The vehicles have grown so commonplace that they have even earned the disparaging Australian moniker “emotional support vehicle,” or ESV, which implies that owners only purchase these cars to make up for their personal faults.

In addition, a number of other vulgar nicknames that are too offensive to mention have been used, such as “Seppo” (short for septic tank, which rhymes with Yank), “Yank tanks,” and “freedumb trucks.”

The trucks have been nicknamed ‘emotional support vehicles’.

The trucks have been nicknamed ‘emotional support vehicles’.

“These ESVs are driving me insanely mad. Another angry Australian said, “I can’t imagine the kind of t*rd who buys these.

“They don’t perform any better than more sensible tradie automobiles. They are completely useless. They give the planet the middle finger. I just detest them.

In another instance, an ESV was also seen using multiple parking places in an interior parking lot, drawing similar criticism.

Another person pointed out that these vehicles were “bigger than the Australian Standard parking spaces which were designed to accommodate the largest 4WDs or a small van from approximately 2004,” saying, “This isn’t about utility, it’s just being about saying a big agressive f**k you to everyone else.”

There's a push to slap insulting stickers like these on offending vehicles. Picture: Imgur
There’s a push to slap insulting stickers like these on offending vehicles. Picture: Imgur
Many have argued the trucks aren’t even a legitimate ‘tradie vehicle’.
Many have argued the trucks aren’t even a legitimate ‘tradie vehicle’.

Fun fact: Its load capacity is lower than that of a 2WD HiLux Workmate. Another person said, “I don’t understand how these types of trucks are so popular when they’re so pathetically incompetent.

“Carrying capacity, towing capacity, handling, braking, off-road ability, and fuel economy seem to be actively competing for the worst numbers,” the author said. despite the fact that they are still absurdly pricey, buyers are lining up to purchase them.

Another instance of one of these trucks was seen taking up three car bays, and a Redditor speculated that it was probably “used to carry fragile egos.”

While this is going on, several Australians have proposed printing out offensive labels to paste on the cars when they are seen occupying multiple parking spaces.

According to Alex Jeffs, an automotive specialist for the comparison website Finder, there are a number of factors contributing to the appeal of these cars, including Australia’s long-standing love affair with utes.

“Covid, for example, observed a surge in staycations. Many of these large trucks have significantly greater towing capacities than your typical ute because more people are purchasing trailers, he said.

The Toyota HiLux, a popularity in Australia and only capable of towing 3.5 tonnes, is outclassed by the popular RAM 1500, which has a towing capacity of 4.5 tonnes.

Many of them are also equipped with toolboxes and other equipment in the back, and because some of these big trucks are utilised for work, there are tax benefits that attract enterprises.